God Exists I Have Met Him




By JF Harwood Stevenson




The autobiographical work of the French Academician


Andre Frossard.

André Frossard , French journalist and essayist, was born on 14th January 1915, the son of Louis-Oscar Frossard, one of the historic founders of the French Communist Party of which he was the first General Secretary and a leading figure  for 31 years. His parents raised him an atheist. On 8th July 1935, when he was 20 years old, a journalist in Paris, he went out to dine with a friend who stopped for a brief visit to a chapel, leaving Frossard outside. It belonged to nuns of the religious order known as L’Adoration Reparatrice . Bored, Frossard went in to find his friend. There he had an experience of the presence of God that turned him instantly and irrevocably into a Roman Catholic. During his distinguished career, he became a close friend of Pope John Paul II and was elected to the Academie Francaise in 1987. He died in Versailles on 2nd February 1995.


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